Travel Companion

I hope you will enjoy a few of my travel photos.

Hi, I am looking for travel companions. I have been traveling extensively on and off since I have been 20. I am now a young 62. I don't smoke or drink but I don't mind if you do (but separate rooms for smokers). I prefer a female travel companion. I like independent adventure travel. My budget is mid-range. I would be open to traveling anywhere but the places I am most interested in are Mexico, South America, Greece and Croatia, Asia, India and the South Pacific.

I am American but have been living in San Blas, Mexico for the last 10 years so I speak Spanish. I am a webmaster.
You can visit my website to find out more about San Blas.

Some of the countries I have enjoyed are Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatamala, India, Nepal, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, Bosnia, Croatia, Greece, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Hungary, and Turkey.
Thanks for visiting my website, but I am all booked up this year.